Daniele Bernardi
Founder and Principal

Serial Entrepreneur in financial space, Daniele is CEO of Diaman R&D. Daniele founded many company, such as DIAMAN, 2Pay (a P2P mobile payment solution); INVESTORS' (an Italian Financial Magazine), DIAMAN Tech (a Fintech software House).

Francesco Canella
Managing Director

Francesco started his job Diaman as Quantitative models developer, now he is Managing Director and responsible for Diaman Advisory services. He is also co-inventor together with Daniele Bernardi of iRating, a patented system for the numeric company evaluation.

Nicola Bubola
QUANT analyst

Nicola is responsible for the development of Quantitative models through Matlab and VBA. He is also in charge of Diaman quantitative advisory services. He contributed to the develpment of timing models on VIX future and to new statistical indicators, such as Diaman Risk Indicator and Disruption Indicator.

Silvia Romano

Silvia was a Volleyball professional player, and after few year at DHL founded DIAMAN with Daniele Bernardi. She is responsable for the administrative team and supplier relations.

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