Ethereum, the mother of all the Altcoins

If Bitcoin has been the "father" of the Blockchain, Ethereum can certainly be considered as the "mother" of all other crypto currencies.

This must have been the thought of the legendary prodigal son, Vitalik Buterin, when he concieved and created the Ethereum logo.

For those who are familiar with the sacred symbols, the mother of the creator is depicted by the symbol "vescica piscis".

This means the intersection of two circles (the duplication symbol) and the triangle in the centre is the reproduction symbol.

It seems I might be committing a desecration, but if you go a little deeper into sacred symbols you will discover fantastic and really exciting things.


When I came across the so-called Vescica Piscis, actually it made me stumble into a friend Giuseppe La Spada, one of the shortest artists in Italy in my opinion, I understood how far ahead Vitalik Buterin and his team had gone when deciding on the logo to use.

A simple logo, apparently without any logical sense, but in reality incorporating a powerful message: Ethereum is the mother of creation, the creation of thousands of Tokens who are populating the universe of Crypto Assets.


Yes, the universe, which centers the universe?

The name also has its own because it can be deduced from a post by Vitalik himself in 2014, even before the crowdsale fundraising:

Practically the ether, as all physicists will know is that physical space of the universe, which is practically empty, but is not so empty because it allows light to pass through, thus something practically invisible that permits the transmission of a fundamental element for the prevalence of life.


Ethereum is precisely this, a vital element for the Crypto Assets ecosystem that enables the creation, existence, proliferation of digital Tokens and Coin that are revolutionizing and will increasingly revolutionize our way of understanding the economy and managing our wealth.


There are a lot of Bitcoin extremists, who I obviously respect, who consider only Bitcoin as a Crypto Currency and all the other Tokens as so-called "Scam" or garbage that have no purpose of existing and are dangerous.


There are certainly so-called "Altcoin" or crypto assets other than Bitcoin that are scams, frauds or start-ups that will put in all their efforts but won't succeed, but there are many other initiatives, such as Ethereum that have shown to possess an enormous value, potentially even higher than Bitcoin, because they incorporate an impressive potential to change the world.


Honestly speaking, I have not yet managed to really understand it, but it is due to my limitation and it is the same with the extremist because they consider only Bitcoin to be safe (their main weapon of attack against the other cryptos) or have a bitter envy because the Ethereum phenomenon external to Bitcoin has managed to create an eco-system potentially much more disruptive than the Bitcoin itself, which in itself is already very disruptive, maybe they will help me to understand it by just responding to this blog.


Surely Ethereum has created a universe parallel to Bitcoin that by now powers itself by creating value for millions of people and I am not talking about the fact that compared to its creation it has grown as a price a few tens of thousands of times, but I am referring to the whole ecosystem of developers, hardware, software, communication experts, experts in the field who work daily and earn from this new digital economy.


The so-called Smart Contracts, actually invented and developed by Vitalik, can also be executed with Bitcoins, but the genius has been to make them easier and accessible to a much wider community of developers, creating ad hoc programming languages that have in fact become a standard for the community.


These Smart Contracts, which I will perhaps talk about more extensively in another post, makes it possible for us to give "light" to human creativity, to permit those who have good ideas to transform them into projects and if financed by the community to transform them in turn into reality and this is precisely the job of Viscica Piscis...


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