Golden Ratio

“I can say with certainty that God is a mathematician”, is (my) summary of Galileo Galilei's phrase in chapter VI of “il Saggiatore” (The Assayer):

Philosophy is written in this grand book which stands continually open to our gaze (I say the universe), but it cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and interpret the characters in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering around in a dark labyrinth.

The universe is written with geometric shapes?

Yes, certainly, since elementary school they tought us the various geometric shapes and their properties, hovewer (at least in my case) with little pratical application in the real world.

You can maybe imagine that there are relationships, recurring geometrical shapes and proportions, but if you study the phenomenon well you will discover incredible aspects that you would never have imagined.

Numbers are fantastic, and their interactions actually make us think of a divine logic that unites them.

Without going deep into the sacred symbolism, many will know that there is a very common number everywhere, in nature, in numbers, in architecture, in chemistry, in space, basically a numbers so important that they decided to give it a resounding name: Golden Ratio.


But let's start from the origins, the first evidence of human knowledge of this golden ratio is present in the Parthenon, built between 490 and 430 before Christ by Fidia.

The Parthenon has clear golden proportions, as it can be seen in the image below.

Euclid, at around 300 before Christ, is the first to give a clear definition of the golden number, which he called, in the book "the elements", the relationship between medium and long.

After that it is necessary to wait Leonardo da Pisa (1170-1250), called Fibonacci to find again the golden number hidden in the famous Fibonacci series described in the book Liber Abaci.

The Fibonacci sequence, realized by studying how rabbits reproduced, is the basis of an incredible series of shapes that are found in nature.

Basically this sequence is formed by the sum of the two previous numbers:







8+13=21 etc… etc…

You can understand what is behind this sequence by watching this wonderful video:

In reality, Leonardo da Pisa didn't notice taht his series hid within them the fateful golden number the more it grew; it was the Franciscan friar Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli (1445-1517), over two hundred years later to realize what he called “divine proportion” even in the Fibonacci sequence.

A few years later the famous mathematician Johannes Keplero (1571-1630), showed that the the more the Fibonacci series grew, the more the relationship between the two numbers represented more precisely the golden ratio.

Keplero claimed that mathematics had two great laws, the Pythagorean theorem and a “precious jewel” that was the golden ratio; the whole of the two forms the Kepler triangle, which has some particular geometric characteristics and I invite you to learn about here if you wish.

Getting closer to the modern day (about 1700) it was Marthin Ohm who was credited as the first to use the term Goldener Schnitt (as a good German mathematician).

Arriving at the previous centory, Roger Penrose studied many geometric forms related to the golden ratio, including the Quasiperiodic Crystall, better known as the QuasiCrystal, three-dimensioanl shapes with geometric shapes based on the dodecahedron with pentagonal faces.

This geometric shape is found, for example, on Pyrite, a mineral that can assume many forms both regular and irregular.


If we combine the centers of the twelve hexagons that form the dodecahedron, we can create another very particular geometric shape, which represents three parallelepipeds perpendicular to each other.

This shape, which ideally represents the integration of three different interests, is the new logo of a company we have founded with a specific purpose and I invite you to discover it for youself…


Do you think we are exaggerated? you have no idea how many brands use the golden ratio for the design of their logos, I'll just give you some examples:

But the golden ratio is much more, and you can discover it from this video:

Well yes, we are launching our crypto, it is called PHI Token and I hope it will become yours too, because the project we are creating has a great ambition:


Establishing the first Wealth Management marketplace, which is a hybrid investment platform (hybrid because we mainly value asset managers and financial advisors) that can finally evolve the world of asset management by creating a win-win-win situation that brings real benefits to investors, financial advisors and asset managers.


I invite you to learn more on

I also invite you to join our telegram channel (if you don't have it it's a good excuse to download it and using it to stay updated on our project).

Why did we call it PHI?

Because in addition to representing the acronym of Platform for Hybrid Investments, the PHI represents the 21st letter of the Grek alphabet, representing the golden ratio: PHI=1,61803…, but above all it represents a number present everywhere and that pierces any generation, age, culture and economy, an herefore it is a good omen to transgress anything that happens to our economy and new technologies, like the blockchain that will inevitably change (and I'm sure for th better) the world we are used to seeing today.


It is no coincidence that the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto (or whoever for him) has limited the number of Bitcoin to 21 milion, try to think a moment about it...

I hope each of you will buy at least one PHI Token, because we will write the “new” history of the asset management industry, and at least one day you will be able to say, I was there and I contributed.


Like always, if you liked this, help me popularize this post sharing it.

See you soon


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