The new Alibaba of Wealth management

What's the biggest Taxi company in the world?

Uber, even though everyone is trying to obstacle their incredible growth in every way.

I want to ask you to reflect on something: how many taxis does Uber actually have? Zero

What's the biggest "accomodation" society in theworld?

Maybe Airbnb? No, Airbnb is a large chain for temporary apartment rentals, the society which is growing the most in the world is

Even in this case, how many hotels does the company have? Zero

To finish, even if there are many other examples, what's the biggest commercial society in the world?

Amazon? Almost there, in reality Amazon makes more sales, but Alibaba has the net operating margin double that of Amazon, so it's more profitable and grows at a higher rate.


Why did I ask you these questions? Because the business world is drastically changing, there's a clear separation that's growing between production on one side and distribution on the other side.

The separation of the two activities incredibly gives a higher profit, it's surely counter intuitive (like all the things that work), but it's out of the question that it's a benefit for both the production activity (that can focus on the product) and the commercial activity (that can focus on the service to the customer).

But a spontaneous question arises…

I worked in the asset management industry since 20 years, my first finance studies date back to 1998, but I have never ever remotely seen such a model yet.


Maybe you could tell me that there's competition between common investment funds, in fact when I arrived in finance there were almost exclusively captive asset management, ie. with home products.

Very often today, the patrimonial management, even if not always "multimanager" with mutual funds of different investment houses within the management, selected according to the most varied criteria, which fortunately are becoming more quantitative (talking about the selection criteria).


But I'm not talking about this, because the selection of the best fundsis just a first level, I'm talking about the selection of managers, of financial advisors, of the research companies and analysts.

In these fields the competition and the possibility from an investor to compare the skill is pratically nonexistent.


To make a example with vehicles, it's as if you are allowed to choose the tire brand of your car, but not the car itself.

Well, after twenty years in the world of asset management I'm ready to make the "Quantic" jump (I'm talking about physics for real this time), I want to create the first completely open and distributed Wealth Management platform.

Yes, you understood correctly, we at DIAMAN want to completely change the world of asset management, we want to become the Alibaba of asset management.

We have a completely open business model in mind, which allows asset managers to fully benefit from digital technology.

We want to eliminate paper;

We want to make the investment world easier and more accessible;

We want to make investments more transparent and secure thanks to blockchain;

We want to allow those without assets, to be managed by those who normally don't accept clients with less than ten milion;

We want to inster products that invest in Crypto in the customers's wallet to increase the expected return;

We want to increase the service reducing the excessive cost of the industry thanks to the PHI Token;

We want to allow indipendent consultants to do their job more efficently and faster;

We want to allow the customers to reach the best wealth managers in the world;

We want to allow wealth managers to have customers from all the world.

Ambitious project?

Terribly ambitious I would say, sure.

But possible thanks to PHI Token.

We will be stronger if you will support us with the purchase of our PHI Tokens, so maybe you will benefit from the realization of the project.**

Follow us on social medias and help us share these info on our beautiful project to who you want.

I obviously hope to have you with us, come on, PHI Token -


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