PHI Token is now a reality

I'm home sick, probably due to the stress caused by the huge period that my body is now making me pay, but we are successful, PHI Token, the crypto currency created by DIAMAN Capital, the Maltese company of the group, has finally become a reality.

The ICO did not go as I hoped in terms of selling tokens, we had planned to sell 15 million and instead we sold only 5 million tokens, but they are more than enough to realize our innovative platform for hybrid investment project.

What can I say, I'm happy for my team that beare and supported me, for the partners who are growing and want to collaborate with us on our project, but above all I'm very happy for all the people who supported us by purchasing our PHI Token convinced that our project can truly revolutionize the investment industry.

But this is only the first step, as one excellent commercial director always said when we acquired a customer: "now the damage is done, we need to manage it and make it an opportunity" and I think it's the same with the PHI Token.

We are only at the beginning, to realize an ICO has been a great life experience, very intense and full of emotions, both positive and negative, but we have just made the first step.

From now on we expect the real challenge, create a fully digital open platform to offer high-level investment services in all asset classes, including cryptos, with all asset managers who want to enter and exploit this platform, with many independent financial advisors that will exploit its potential, but first of all, with many customers around the world who will use the platform to better plan their life from a financial point of view in order to achieve their goals.

Follow us and support us, we will also need all the help of everyone has the desire to improve with enthusiasm the world of asset management.

Start by sharing, if you believe, this article on social media ;-)


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