Open Letter from Diaman CEO

Dear PHI Token purchasers,

Thank you! Thanks for the trust demonstrated buying PHI Token and believing in the project.

We are actually receiving many requests from people interested in joining the PHI Token project, therefore we have decided to list PHI Token on some exchanges before the originally planned date.

This operation will allow us to increase purchasers and will allow also PHI token purchasers to buy more tokens. At the same time, those who need to leave the project, will be free to do it.

We would like to highlight to PHI Token holders that, before starting the project, we defined a big Airdrop of more than 1,3 million PHI Tokens, which will be distributed only to PHI Token ICO purchasers that will not move them from the wallet for at least 6 months.

For example: Being 4,9 million tokens sold during the previous ICO phases, if no one will move them for at least 6 months, all holders will receive additional more than 20% PHI Tokens on October 5th 2018.

We hope that the majority of you will take this enormous opportunity and will not move PHI Tokens from their Wallet for the next 6 months, creating the necessary scarcity that will make the price increase. This six month are necessary to complete Phi Token platform for the distribution of financial services. Therefore we believe that giving an great incentive to the first purchasers that will keep Phi Token, will be a useful and appropriate way to increase the price of the PHI Token and create more opportunities for the project.

I also would like to inform you that we are currently working on the development of an asset allocation software for crypto assets, that will allow the screening, selection and portfolio asset allocation for multiple crypto currencies. I estimate that this software will be available in freemium version in about two months.

At the launch the software will be accessible only to Phi Token owners with at least 100 Phi Token in their wallet. The more PHI tokens will be kept in wallets and will not be exchanged, greater is the scarcity and the price, so I hope that all the 30.000 PHI Token holder will act as a team of people with the same goal, it's is the only way to make a win/win/win situation.

I invite all financial services providers, both traditional and crypto, interested in selling their service or product through PHI Platform to write to (other inquires will be not valuated in this moment). A member of our team will contact you in order to understand detailed specifications and to activate a due diligence phase.

The project is relevant and related to a hot topic in the financial world, it aims to grow in masses and capitalization. Trust us and support us, helping us in promoting PHI Token among your colleagues, clients and friends. We are actually more than 30.000 Token holders, with your help we can only grow.

Tomorrow April 21th 2018, exactly one month after the ICO closure, we will communicate the first exchange where PHI token will be listed and we will also give more information about negotiation opening date (very briefly).

If you are a PHI Token Holder, please share this post with more person you can, many thanks.

Have a good week end


Diaman Capital

29/14 Vincenti Building Strait Street VLT1432 Valletta – Malta


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